An Intuitive System with a Sleek Design- here to Give a New Dimension to your Already Existing Access Control System.

An Intuitive System with a Sleek Design- here to Give a New Dimension to your Already Existing Access Control System.

Introducing IRU- IKU Versions


IRU 10 is an access control reader that supports RF-ID (125KHz) and 13.56 MHz proximity cards and sends the data to any access or door controller device! What’s unique about this device is that, it can read the credentials even if you don’t have any RF-ID card with you. You can simply use the FaceNext app to send the card credentials to the reader over Bluetooth Beacons.


  • RF-ID(125 KHz) and 13.56 MHz card reading and sending data to door controller reader port over Wiegandor RS485
  • Card ID reading over Bluetooth through smart phone
  • LED indication on proximity card presented to the reader or card id received over low power Bluetooth via the smartphone application.
  • LED indication on both authorized and unauthorized card id entry from RF-ID reader or Bluetooth.
  • Buzzer tone indication on card present, authorized or unauthorized card placed.
IRU10 for web
Beacons Leading to Smarter Living
NFC/RFID Readers Using Wiegand Protocols


The IRU 20, a smart reader houses a camera, a BLE beacon, a display and a notification LED.  The camera captures images when a person is detected and sends it to the Access Reader Gateway using the same Wiegand cable. This device acts as the gatewayamong the access controller, smart reader andimage processingAI server. After receiving a response from the server,reader gateway sends the access control ID to the door controller which opens the door if the person is recognized and authorized for entry. One can access the system using the FaceNextsmart phone app as well.


  • Contactless Smart Reader
  • 2 MP Camera
  • 0 Bluetooth beacon
  • Notification display
  • Accurate & Fast Face recognition
  • Online dashboard
  • Can work with existing door controller
  • Face mask detection
Biometric Recognition for Easy & Secured Access Control
Biometric Recognition for Easy & Secured Access Control


FaceNext brings the most powerful and simple AI based door reader with a larger display and intuitive software platform. 3D camera, RGB camera and thermal cameras in the box making it a unique reader in the industry with a built-in Nvidia AI chip. It is one of most the powerful edge devices with 384 core CPU and 8 GB ROM which can even infer faces locally without needing for a processing server. AI-powered depth camera technology even allows access control camera more capability like robots or drone.


  • Stereo Depth Camera System
  • Intel® RealSense™ Vision Processor D4 with Advanced Algorithms
  • Infrared (IR) Laser Projector System
  • Active Power Management
  • Selection of Stereo Depth Module options
  • Contactless smart reader
  • Notification display
  • Online dashboard
  • Easy set-up with existing door controller
Multi-factor Authentication Tailored to Ensure Healthcare Compliance

Multi-factor Authentication Tailored to Ensure Healthcare Compliance

3 types of cameras installed along with a display to carry out accurate face recognition, ensuring whether a person is wearing mask and lastly, checking the temperature of the person. All details will appear on the display once it gets verified from the server.

Go Beyond Simple Recognition with Diverse Analytics

FaceNext- AI & Analytics icon

FaceNext- AI & Analytics

With the world domination of analytics, why should you stay behind?

FaceNext- AI & Analytics is the first of its kind, maintains both on-prem and cloud-based precise data management and serves you with the information that you want! It can combine with the innovative video analytics solution, Survello and can help you find location data to accelerate your organization’s efficiency.

The system shares insights to provide safety & security across all platforms!

FaceNext App

Unlock the door with just one tap on the screen!

The FaceNext App works with both Android and Apple OS, serving you the chance to cover a wide range of users! Enable the app with just a pin or walk through the QR Code activation method. Once you are into the system, no more worrying about losing your key!

A fast, flexible, and easy to deploy app, providing you with an extraordinary user interface and smoothly carries out end-to-end biometric identification.

Your Choice is Our Priority

FaceNext gives you full authority to manage your data just the way you like!

Your Choice is Our Priority

FaceNext can work as both On-premise and Cloud solutions!
No extra hassle for a server, line it up with your own existing IT infrastructure or set it up with a Cloud server.
The authority is all yours!